Venus Snap Razor

Hey Readers,
I recently received a Venus Snap Razor from Influenster to review it. Though I haven’t been able to take it on a trip yet, the razor is small and compact enough to fit in my makeup bag. I love the Venus razors because they keep my skin the softest. I know this razor will work perfectly for any trip I go on.
Love and Happiness,
Jess ❤️

Writing for a Publication- Longform and Writing


To get my long form article published I looked up different magazines that I thought would best suite my topic. Once I found one, I looked for who would be the best person to send it to. After that, I wrote my query letter to that person and sent it in an email form. When I was looking for a magazine that could possibly publish my story I just googled it. My article is about adopting an animal from a shelter. I looked for magazines that are geared towards animals and have articles related to these things. I chose the Fido Friendly magazine because it seemed to be the best fit for me. I have also read this magazine multiple times and I really enjoy it.

When I was researching for this article I wanted to answer questions that I have heard expressed throughout the years. Health issues for example. I have heard concerns about the health issues that animals in shelters may have. I have even heard some horror stories about people adopting then their pets passing shortly after having them. I wanted to find out what kinds of things the shelters do to protect their animals from illnesses. I interviewed some people who have adopted from local animal shelters and also someone who used to work at an animal shelter.

To get my piece to be the best it could be, I tried to find as many angles as I could. Like interviewing someone who worked at the shelter and people who have adopted. I included a lot of factual information so the reader would know that I’m not just making this stuff up. I wanted people to read and feel more comfortable about adopting a pet because these animals don’t have many chances.

I sent my article to Mr. Sveslosky at Fido Friendly magazine. I have not heard a response back yet. This magazine is a pretty big magazine in the animal care world so it seems a little unlikely that I will get a response back. I also think that it may not contain enough of the type of information they may want. I feel like a magazine that is this big would want more big name people in the article. Like talking to someone who actually works for the ASPCA or even the person who wrote the article on the humane society’s website that I sited in my paper.

It is hard being a new writer. You have to learn the dos and don’ts of the writing world and what would make someone enjoy your writing. I think its hard coming up with new topics as a creative writer. It’s to the point for me that I feel like everything has been done. I don’t want to bore my readers with another rendition of an over played topic. I fear that I won’t be able to be successful as a creative writer. I always said that I would be the next JK Rowling, but after being in school for almost four years that dream seems a little unlikely. I hope to one day have a book published and have many people enjoy it, even if it is not the world.


Tony Norman: Biggest Gap in Black Kids’ Learning: Parents

In this article by Tony Norman, he is trying to make parents of African American children to realize that they need to be putting in work as well as the teachers. The results of their children’s ability doesn’t just rely on the teachers and their methods. Parents need to give a lending hand into their children’s education. Help their children find a reason to want to succeed instead of being sub par.

This piece is clearly an opinion piece so he doesn’t show the other side of the spectrum, but im not sure who would disagree with what he is saying. One thing i didnt agree with was the fast that he was just focusing on African American children. Why not include white children as well? I am a biracial (black/white) woman and I found myself becoming angry because people just want to focus on the growth of African American children when now a days we should be focusing on everyone. I feel that we are way past the point of trying to make up for the history of African Americans. I feel like some people use what happened to our ancestors affect how they get through life.

I think Mr.Norman should’ve focused on parents of all children, no matter their race. We are in a world where everyone needs the encouragement of their parents to succeed, not just African Americans. There are white children who struggle through life just as much as black children. We have been struggling to become equal for hundreds of years and there are still times where we are separated and make excuses for.

Im sure there is a specific reason as to why Mr. Norman decided to focus on this one race, but for me it turned me off of the story. I had trouble focusing on the point because I felt it wasn’t supporting every race.

Losing A Loved One

Grief is a hard thing to deal with and many people go through it on a daily basis. So, if I were writing a story about losing a loved one I would research what professional grief counselors say. I would find out what are some of the affects of losing someone you are close to and how people cope with it. I would interview people who have lost loved ones and ask them what they have done to get through it.

To write an opinion piece on this subject I would just write what I think about it. I would also interview someone who shared the same beliefs on this subject that I do. To write a narrative piece, I would just tell my experiences and how I coped with losing someone so close to me. For a magazine article I would interview grief counselors about how people cope with losing a love one and ways to help people cope with it. I would also interview people who have lost people that they loved.

I don’t think there are any benefits of writing an opinion piece about this article because not everyone will agree with what you are saying and this type of issue is hard for people to talk about. I think it could potentially make someone feel bad about they way they cope if it isn’t the way that the writer is saying is the right way. On the other hand, someone could read this article and agree with what it is saying. That is the thing about opinion pieces, they could go any way with the reader. I think a narrative is the best way to write about this topic because it shows people that everyone goes through this. There is someone out there who copes with death in a similar way that you do. It gives an insight to the writer and shows that persons character; makes the reader feel closer to the writer. I think that a magazine article has many benefits as well. It will show what professional counselors think and could make the reader feel better about the way they are coping.

My beginning

Hello all,
I’m giving this blog thing a shot. I’m going to be posting the pictures I take and edit and also the stories I write. I hope you enjoy them all. I love helpful feedback, just be nice.

A little about me. I’m a junior in college. I am studying creative writing with a minor in public relations. I love taking pictures and would like to make a career out of that. I think it would be cool to take pictures then write stories about them. I want to travel, who doesn’t.

Oh and my name is Jess 🙂